Durethan XTS series

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The development of small, powerful and efficient engines is leading to mounting demands on the materials in the
engine compartment.

Press release: Long-term temperature resistance up to 230 °C

The air and media temperatures rise because of the

- reduction in the available space
- increase in the packing density
- higher charge air pressures (turbocharger)

The automotive industry is therefore interested in highly heat-resistant thermoplastics.

LANXESS is responding to this demand and, with its Durethan® XTS product series, has introduced suitable alternatives with regard to improved hot air resistance.

The favorable processing behavior and attractive price/performance ratio compared to specialty thermoplastics enable cost-effective component solutions that deliver excellent performance.

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Green Mobility

The ability to save weight in vehicles by using plastics such as Durethan®,
Pocan® and Tepex® leads to increased fuel efficiency and the associated
reduction in CO2 emissions.