Durethan - polyamide 6 and polyamide 66

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Durethan® is the trade name for our range of engineering thermoplastics based on polyamide 6 and polyamide 66.
Learn more about the product nomenclature.

Polyamides are partially crystalline thermoplastics which offer an ideal combination of properties, especially for technical applications. In addition to being easy to process, polyamides combine high mechanical strength and stiffness with good dielectric properties, high resistance to both heat and chemical attack and good friction and wear properties.

Please note that polyamides are hygroscopic materials, that is, they will absorb moisture from the atmosphere over time in a reversible process known as conditioning (typically 1-3% depending on grade). Conditioning greatly improves the toughness of the material including properties such as strain at break and impact strength. Modulus (stiffness) and stress at break, on the other hand, will decrease.

Focus Durethan® BLUE and ECO
LANXESS is responding to this trend by supplying recyclate grades in the form of its Durethan ECO ranges. Durethan Scopeblue - our most sustainable premium polyamide 6 - now enhances this field of products.

Our product range includesFillers - depending on the base polymer
Durethan A PA66 based, used in a variety of markets and applications like automotive high temperature under the hood and cooling circuits
as well as flame retardant EE applications.
non-reinforced, glass fiber,
glass fiber/carbon fiber,
Durethan B PA6, PA6-Copolymer based, used in a variety of markets and applications including automotive, furniture, power tool housings and packaging film for medical, food and industrial goods.non-reinforced, (glass)fiber, glass fiber/beads,
glass fiber/mineral, glass/carbon fiber,
carbon fiber, glass beads, mineral
Durethan C PA6-Copolymer based, suitable for food-contact films and multi layer films applicationsnon-reinforced
Durethan T PA6I transparent, a partially aromatic polyamide that is used in applications requiring resistance to hydrocarbons, lipids and disinfectants.non-reinforced

Grades with special properties are available like e.g.:
SEARCHhigh temperature stabilizedSEARCHflame-retardant (halogen-free)
SEARCHhydrolysis stabilizedSEARCHimproved thermal conductivity
SEARCHimproved flowability (EasyFlow, XtremeFlow)SEARCHimproved electrical conductivity
SEARCHimproved impact strengthSEARCHsuitable for food contact

Durethan® is e.g. used in
AutomobilAutoAuto-Chassis, Auto-Exterior, Auto-IC-Powertrain
Elektrotechnik/ElektronikEEPower Tools, Household Appliances, Industrial EE, Installation
LichttechnikAgro, Sport / Leisure 
HaushaltgeräteFood/ Packaging 
Sport & FreizeitIndustrial/Mechanical 

Following you will find additional information, e.g.
product characteristicsproduct characteristics 
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