Laser Direct Structuring

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is an innovative, environmentally friendly and precise technology for the manufacture of three-dimensional molded interconnect devices (MIDs).


Switch for steering column
Producer: TRW, Germany

In the LDS process a laser first "burns" a high-resolution conductive pattern directly onto the injection molded part. This activates a special additive already incorporated into the thermoplastic. The conductive tracks are then built up in an electroless copper bath.
In this way very complex three-dimensional conductive tracks can be produced.

The LDS grades developed by LANXESS can be used for:

- injection molding / extrusion
- lead-free soldering processes

Additional grades (e.g. with improved impact strength) are available on request.

The polyester-based LDS grades can be metallized very successfully, as has been shown in numerous applications.

Published information regarding the LDS process
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