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Appropriate housing materials for LED chips and reflectors as well as connectors must display special properties, particularly with regard to:

- Light reflection
- Thermal aging and photoaging
- Mechanical strength
- Flame retardance

We offer the right products with the following characteristics for all applications:

  Greater than 90% reflection at 450 nm

  Reflection altered only slightly by thermal aging

data sheetPocan KU2-7317PBT MD17 (white pigments)Low tendency to warp, improved impact strength
data sheetPocan DP7318PBT MD17 (white pigments)Low tendency to warp
data sheetPocan B7375PBT MD25 (white pigments)Low tendency to warp
data sheetPocan BFN4211PBT GF13 FRHalogen free flame retardant
data sheetPocan BFN6410PBT MD17 (white pigments) FRHalogen free flame retardant,low tendency to warp
data sheetPocan T7245PET (GF+MD)45Improved light reflection