Extrusion Blow Molding - Applications

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Pseudoplastic polyamide 6 and 66 grades are increasingly becoming an attractively priced alternative to elastomer combinations and special-purpose thermoplastics. They can be cost-effectively processed into air ducts and containers by extrusion blow molding.

The most important blow-molded plastic components, such as those in air intake systems on supercharged engines or other media lines and hollow components, can be divided up into the following functional areas:

  • Air intake duct
  • Air filter to turbocharger air hose
  • Turbocharger to radiator charge-air hose (hot side)
  • Radiator to throttle valve charge-air hose (cold side)
  • Resonators
  • Cooling water hose
  • Fuel tanks

Depending on the customer's specifications, the air ducts range from straightforward parts through to controllable air guidance systems incorporating acoustic measures and waste gas recirculation.
The limited installation space, increasing temperatures and the contact with aggressive media mean that even more innovative material solutions will be called for in the future.

Selection of case studies:
open pdfAir intake hoseBKV315ZH2.0Extrusion blow molding
open pdfBlow-molded resonator housingAKV325H2.0Extrusion blow molding
open pdfBlow-molded charge-air tubesAKV325H2.0Extrusion blow molding
open pdfExtrusion blow molded tubes with soft segmentsBC700HTS DUSXBLExtrusion blow molding
Other fields of applications using pseudoplastic polyamides:
open pdfThermoformed engine bonnetBKV315ZH2.0Extrusion, thermoforming
open pdfCovers for ships' enginesBKV315ZH2.0Extrusion, thermoforming